Web Intelligence

Generating intelligence with sophisticated customized tools for collecting, monitoring, and advanced analysis of data from open sources on the Internet

Create situational awareness and add valuable insight to investigations

Suntech's Web Intelligence solutions ensure the authorities access to custom features for collecting and analyzing critical data on open sources on the internet in order to generate high-quality intelligence. They collect safely, continuously and automatically current Web traffic as historical data from a wide range of sources, including social networks, blogging platforms and forums, and even those Internet sources that are not indexed, without geographical boundaries. Our tools enable dynamic integration of data collection with advanced analytical tools, optimizing the analysis cycle and providing agility in response time.


  • Collection, processing, analysis and acquisition of intelligence integrated in a single platform
  • Easily integrated to monitoring centers and other solutions, creating a two-way flow of information between tools
  • Works as an ally in the identification and monitoring of public events, crisis management and incident response, helping to create situational awareness and add valuable insights for investigations
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