Web Intelligence

Generating intelligence with sophisticated customized tools for collecting, monitoring, and advanced analysis of data from open sources on the Internet.

Intelligent monitoring of social networking and web sources

Business owners, advertising agencies and market intelligence specialists need to monitor all the content generated on the Web to better understand the profile of their target audience. From this monitoring, it is possible to understand the reputation and image of products, brands and services, and envision new business opportunities, develop campaigns and successful actions. Aware of this scenario, Suntech offers customized solutions to explore the Web and social media, enabling data collection, analysis and generation of intelligence from open information of social networks and predefined sites, providing valuable data and enhancing the management and control of companies and institutions on their market and image.


  • Allows the analysis of impressions through the use of predefined and contextualized terms
  • Explores public reaction and opinion regarding a particular company, brand, product, service or even individual, considering the impact of each quotation or discussion about it
  • Allows you to turn raw data into intelligence, measuring the target’s digital presence
  • Research and identification of those who influence opinions, environments and the most important discussions and interests of the audience
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