Off-air Intelligence

Dedicated operational solutions that support tactical teams and field operations for search, rescue, detection and precise location.

Support for independent operations in different scenarios

Suntech's Off-Air Intelligence solutions are complete operational platforms that range from methodologies and training to accessories and support. They give full support to teams during field operations, are able to detect suspicious criminal activity, monitor threatening situations and locate both targets and victims. Our tools are available in a variety of models to support virtually any operating environment. Our solutions work as great allies in the activities of intelligence and security agencies, prisons, civil defense forces, fire brigade, among other government organizations.


  • Detection and location of mobile communication of targets in surveillance zones and border checkpoints
  • Identification of behavior patterns to work proactively in operations and investigations
  • Precise location of victims in special search and rescue operations, even in situations where the local cellular network is not available
  • Proactive surveillance at large and popular events
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