Network Intelligence

End to end and high-performance solutions for lawful interception management activities and obtaining valuable insights to support the work of intelligence and security agencies.

Integrated management and analysis for a more comprehensive view of intelligence

Suntech's Network Intelligence solutions are aligned with international standards and new technological trends to provide efficient management of the entire process of lawful interception. They allow the detection of threats, including those in development, from monitoring all target activities and the construction of a suspect profile, on a single platform. They are intuitive and easy to operate solutions, prepared to decode an extraordinary amount of data in real time with high performance in the correlation of information, easily integrated to other solutions, enriching and streamlining the authorities' investigation activities.


  • Efficient work methodology that provides secure and automated management of the entire workflow related to lawful interception
  • Wide range of advanced analysis tools, from smart filters to rich prioritization and
    visualization features, helping analyst productivity with intelligence reports
  • Use of world-class security features including access validation, user information encryption,
    privilege management in real time, activity logs and other tools
  • Storage, processing and analysis of historical and real-time data, making it possible to generate the necessary intelligence to gather evidence
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