Lawful Interception Compliance

Solutions for managing the entire lawful interception process, enabling communication service providers to deliver the necessary information to the legal authorities.

Tools tailored to perform complete management for lawful interception, location and data retention

Suntech has a full portfolio of solutions, known as VIGIA, aimed at the management of the entire process of lawful interception, location and data retention for all communication services and subsystems, within the carriers of any technology or vendor. Our tools are in full compliance with international standards such as ETSI and legislation including CALEA (USA), with enough flexibility to adapt to local regulations.

VIGIA Data Retention

Ensures the search, management, archiving and transfer of information related to breach of confidentiality collected from the operators' network and systems, quickly and safely. An essential tool to address swiftly the requests of legal authorities in accordance with current legislation.

VIGIA Emergency

Allows acquiring subscriber's data for public emergency services in extreme situations, making it possible to identify when an emergency call or SMS has been made and who originated them, as well as providing the precise location of the subscriber so that authorities can respond quickly in emergency actions.

VIGIA Location

Allows non-intrusive and automated monitoring, with a warrant, of the location of a subscriber through its integration with location platforms present in the service provider's network.


  • The solutions feature modular, flexible and customizable structures to meet all the needs and scenarios with high cost efficiency
  • They can be used by companies ranging from large carriers to small VOIP providers, in standardized environments or not
  • Intuitive Web Interface and advanced tools that enable real-time conversion of raw data into intelligence, optimizing response time
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