Cyber Security

Solutions for advanced detection, investigation and remediation, covering all cycle stages of cyberattacks.

Win the battle against advanced cyber-attacks with the right weapons

Suntech's Cybersecurity solutions offer to organizations multiple mechanisms for advanced threat detection, investigation and remediation at all cycle stages of a cyber-attack. We offer comprehensive and fully integrated cyber intelligence tools that help teams of Cybersecurity Operation Centers (CSOCs) to detect and neutralize threats faster. At the same time, they allow the production of intelligence, offering valuable evidence on the goals of your opponents.


  • Generation of insight and discovery of hidden patterns in large volumes of traffic
  • Intuitive interface for integrated investigation, using innovative forensic and visualization tools
  • Complete vision of intelligence and projections for the future, from sophisticated fusion and prioritization resources that combine alerts, metadata and intelligence
  • Issue intuitive reports and visual maps that show the flow of attacks
  • Easily integrated with existing IT and security assets, adapting to the size of any organization and distribution network
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