Solutions for the Public Sector

Analysis of all relevant variables for a strategic vision of intelligence

Suntech provides innovative solutions that meet the needs of the public sector, for example, government and defense agencies, public security institutions, as well as intelligence agencies, companies and government agencies, among others. Our products adapt to your needs, so you can face the challenges of the future with the best strategic vision of intelligence.

Defense Agencies really need to rely on intelligence work integrated to virtually every aspect of operations. We provide solutions to meet the needs of the armed forces with platforms developed using the most advanced technology. With them, you can quickly view information, perform analysis, have support in tactical operations and make decisions more quickly and accurately.

Our solutions help the Public Safety and Legal agencies to collect and analyze large volumes of data from various sources, generating high quality intelligence. Our main goal is that these Public Safety solutions help organizations address evolving threats and complex scenarios, achieving better results in fighting and preventing crime, as well as in law enforcement and social welfare, while optimizing the institution's functional structure and budgets.

Our solutions are oriented to a variety of applications in public sector institutions like state-owned enterprises, critical infrastructure providers, and other organizations. We develop tools that assist in investigations, operations, planning and administration. Our proposal is to integrate systems, providing data faster, with more assertiveness and according to the needs of each institution. Therefore, it is possible to anticipate, prepare and react to security threats with proven solutions to protect people, property and assets.