We develop solutions that help people change the world for best

Be part of a global company dedicated to a safer world

We seek innovative professionals committed to the future, who add value to the business and want to be part of building remarkable solutions that meet real-world challenges.

We develop people

At Suntech we encourage professional development. Our employees work in a dynamic and collaborative way, adding expertise to technological breakthroughs to produce market-leading solutions.

Global Leadership

We are not an attempt, we are a certainty! We have the solidity that just a global company with more than 20 years can offer. We took our mission seriously to make the world a safer place.


Suntech is in an of the best cities in the country: The Magic Island! We are in a privileged area of the city, near Beiramar, close to the shopping center and of the best restaurants.

Atmosphere and internal environment

Our internal climate is our fort: a casual collaborative atmosphere, with knowledge and ideas sharing, always excelling for the respect and ethics.

High level technology

Our experts work with the best international practices in Software Development in order to deliver to the customer unique and sophisticated solutions, using the technology for the well- being and safety. To know more, join us!


Innovation is one of the main values and it is proven by our results. Therefore we are constantly updating tools and technologies and we are open to your contributions.

Strategic Career

Our Strategic Career Plan offers career trails in a structured and transparent way, providing a maintainable professional growth. Besides the traditional managerial careers, we have a global program of technological leadership career.

Professional Growth

Our corporate program of Professional Growth goes beyond trainings. We are integrated in a learning global program that guides your growth in a solid way, from day by day challenges to training courses.


We have an own online platform training with more than a thousand courses about technology, tools, methodologies, business and management. Besides, each area has individual training budget and you help to choose the best events for your professional development.

We celebrate the life

We don’t overlook important dates. You will be part of several intern communication actions, commemoration and integration events that we organized thinking about you!

Quality of life

We offer one of the most complete packages of life quality, health and well-being. Besides the weekly session of shiatsu, we have fresh and varied fruits, coffee, hot chocolate and teas. We also have labor gymnastics, vaccination campaign, information events about health and accidents prevention.


Make the most of your health, well-being and leisure using our agreements and partnerships with gyms, drugstore, languages schools and many other services.


Our structure is new and it is in constant improvement. All of the equipment are ergonomically attested, but we are always getting better!


We have programs that reward you for innovation, passion to the business and challenges overcoming, besides the time of partnership with us.


We are proud to be a heterogeneous team that brings diverse talents in a friendly atmosphere and within a well-structured environment.

Your first day

We received you well since your first day! When you arrive, you will have a moment dedicated to your integration, getting a kit that puts you as part of Suntech since from the beginning.